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The valuable insight in this Recruiting Toolkit is second to none.  If you want a realistic, actionable guide through your recruiting process, the Recruiting Toolkit is for you.  Whether you are just starting your recruiting process, or feel you are far along, this Toolkit is the best way to be sure you are checking all the boxes toward a successful finish.  

Recruiting Toolkit
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Recruiting Toolkit

The mission of this guide is to assist high school baseball players and their families in using a realistic approach to begin navigating the tricky waters of the college recruiting process.  This is not a guide on how to achieve a Division 1 scholarship.  This is not a guide on how to commit early to a Power-5 Conference.  The end goal is to prepare you to find the right fit academically, athletically and socially at the next level. 


  1. Reality: Understanding the Proper Approach to a Successful Recruiting Process

    1. College Coaches are the Best Evaluators

    2. Steps to a Realistic Approach

    3. Using Current Information to Steer the Ship

    4. Balancing Reach & Reality

  2. Future: What do you Want?

    1. Defining Your Academic Goals and Interests

    2. Financial Aid

  3. Academics: Where do you Fit?

    1. Evaluating Your Academic Profile

    2. Conducting Academic Research

  4. Baseball: What are you Capable of?

    1. Evaluating Your Baseball Ability

    2. Understanding the Recruiting Timeline

    3. Conducting Baseball Research

  5. Target List

    1. Target List Template & Guidelines

  6. Exposure

    1. Ways to Get Exposure

  7. Interaction

    1. Sample Introduction Email

    2. Do’s and Don’ts of Communication

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We thought we were going down the right path until we read through The Recruiting Toolkit from The Recruiting Coaches. This book gave us the chance to react before it was too late.
— James T.
No brainer. Worth every penny to your recruiting process.
— Bob C.
For the price of this toolkit you are getting 1000 times the value.
— Kim H.
This toolkit was a great way for us to get introduces to the recruiting world. We used this as a reference the entire way through my son’s process, all the way up to his commitment!
— John B.
Recruiting Toolkit
24.99 49.99
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