Recruiting Solutions

The recruiting process is not one that you should innately understand as a parent or a player.  We offer solutions to assist you through your recruiting process from our do-it-yourself Recruiting Toolkit, to our hands-on 1-on-1 Recruiting Guidance with a personal Recruiting Coach.


Recruiting Toolkit

The mission of this guide is to assist high school baseball players and their families in using a realistic approach to begin navigating the tricky waters of the college recruiting process.  This is not a guide on how to achieve a Division 1 scholarship.  This is not a guide on how to commit early to a Power-5 Conference.  The end goal is to prepare you to find the right fit academically, athletically and socially at the next level. 

The Recruiting Toolkit takes you step-by-step through the following sections:

  1. Reality: Understanding the Proper Approach to a Succesful Recruiting Process

  2. Future: Defining Your Academic, Athletic Goals & Interests

  3. Academics: Evaluating Your Academic Profile

  4. Baseball: Evaluating Your Baseball Ability & Understanding the recruiting timeline

  5. Target List: Our Template to Identify Realistic Colleges For You

  6. Exposure: How to Maximize Your Visibility to These Schools

  7. Interaction: A Sample Introduction Email & Communication Do's and Don'ts


REcruiting Jumpstart

For families looking for a more hands-on approach, this is a great step toward a succesful recruiting process.  The trusted resource of a Recruiting Coach is invaluable. 

You will be assigned a Recruiting Coach to take you through the following process:

  1. Evaluate your academic profile

  2. Evaluate your baseball ability 

  3. Build a Target List of realistic colleges

  4. Develop an exposure plan to play in front of these schools

  5. Guide you on interacting with coaches


Recruiting Coach Guidance

This is the perfect solution for the family who wants a trusted, reliable, experienced resource at their fingertips through the entire recruiting process. With a  Recruiting Coach at your side through the entire process, you will have the comfort of knowing you are doing the right thing to maximize your chances of playing college baseball. 

There is no limit on the interaction you can have with your Recruiting Coach. Ultimately, your Recruiting Coach will become an extended part of your family through this very important process.