Who is this for?

This is for the family looking for a more hands-on, custom approach.  A personal conversation with one of our Recruiting Coaches is a valuable step to a successful recruiting process. After your coach takes you through the steps outlined above, you will have the confidence to take on the process as a family. 

Recruiting Jumpstart
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After you complete the payment and registration your Recruiting Coach will reach out to schedule your call. 

Recruiting Jumpstart

 YouR Recruiting Coach WILL take you through the following process:

  1. Evaluate your academic profile

  2. Evaluate your baseball ability 

  3. Build a Target List of realistic colleges

  4. Develop an exposure plan to play in front of these COLLEGES

  5. Guide you on interacting with coaches

How is this done?

  1. Click add to cart.
  2. Complete Registration Form.
  3. Complete Payment. 
  4. Your coach will reach out to arrange a family phone call at your convenience. 
  5. Your coach and family will spend about an hour (or however long is needed) to get to know each other and discuss the recruiting process. 
  6. You will have phone and email access to your coach all the way through the last step of the process.  There is no limit! 

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What They're Saying About The Recruiting Jumpstart

We had no idea where to start. The Recruiting Jumpstart gave me and my husband the confidence to help our son through this tough process.
— Jen B.
My son had a lot of interest from college coaches (I know everyone says that ; ) ), and we didn’t know what was real. So, we needed that third party to count on for advice. Our conversation with our Recruiting Coach convinced us we were doing the right thing for our son.
We had so many people pulling at us to “help” us through the process. Setting up our initial phone call with our Recruiting Coach was the smartest thing we did.