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As a family you need a trusted resource to give you honest guidance and advice through the college baseball recruiting process.

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Which colleges are realistic for me given my baseball skills and academic profile? 

  • What is the best way to get exposure to the right coaches?

  • How do I communicate with college coaches?

  • Is now the right time to start the recruiting process?

  • Is now too late to start the recruiting process?

  • Is this email I received from a college coach genuine?

  • How do I know if a college coach is interested in me?

  • Should I go to this college camp?

  • Should I go to this showcase?

  • Should I play for this travel team?

  • How do I know if I'm being actively recruited?

  • How do I express my interest in a college?

  • How do I know if that college is recruiting my position?

  • What do I do now...?


The most valuable resource for your recruiting process is honest information.  We have the answers to your questions. 


The recruiting process is not one that you should innately understand as a parent or a player.  We offer solutions to assist you through your recruiting process from our do-it-yourself Recruiting Toolkit, to our hands-on, 1-on-1 Recruiting Guidance with a personal Recruiting Coach.

Recruiting Toolkit

Our Recruiting Toolkit is the best way to begin your recruiting process, or  reassure you are on the right path.  This is an applicable, step-by-step guide to successfully navigate your recruiting process. 

REcruiting Jumpstart

Our Recruiting Jumpstart is a hands-on approach.  You will be assigned a Recruiting Coach to take you through the stages of identifying potential colleges, maximizing your exposure and interacting with coaches. 

Recruiting Coach

Having a Recruiting Coach gives you a completely custom, interactive and personal solution for your recruiting process.  Your Recruiting Coach is with you every step of the recruiting process.  *Disclaimer: We tend to keep relationships well beyond that. 

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